Exclusive standards of the renowned ISPD Protocol & Diplomacy services and training

We have available to you Training, Workshop & Board Rooms for your meetings, seminar, trainings and encounters. If you run a company outside of Brussels and you need have meet ups at the E.U, our concepts are for you. We have freshen up Brussels with the direct approach to a generation that travels, that learns, that wants to be above themselves everyday. This generation asked us to respond to their needs of key and fast solution in one hand, but a balanced and designed solution in the other. Offer a Cross Cultural Lifestyle in all our concept designs.

Our Training, Workshop & Board Rooms are home of the Headquarters in Brussels of the ISPD Protocol & Diplomacy. SO you can benefit as well from a Range of Services on Demand from the Organisation of Official Event from A to Z to the protocol management of your encounters and the co-organisation with your own events teams and the Knowledge is transferred to you.

How we can help

Find a supplier and caterer for your needs and budget
Plan your team-building activities with or without the venue
Plan a sustainable event with Exclusive Organisation
Event assistance schemes
Excellence Organisation Certified by ISPD Protocol & Diplomacy
Marketing resources
General Director Image Management
among other tailor made services


What can you rent

Training Room
Workshop Table Room
Board Room

check the pictures of what we can offer you.

Information & Reservations:

Kristina Saprykinaite

Phone: +32 28301222

Mob:+32 495261974

eMail: info@inespires.gallery

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