"Thinking like a designer can transform the way companies develop global products, services, processes, manage their VIP and set up strategy to achieve maximum growth, profitability and cross cultural intelligence. Seat on the chair designed just for you in the space that represents you” Ines Pires

For some the concept will be a problem solver, a business serviced apartment all inclusive. For others the source of designed spaces unique spaces where the can show case their corporate relationships. From the redecoration of a professional space, a room to custom made furniture and management of your renovation projetcs

Unique professional Services

Top Notch Consultancy work

Spaces by Ines Pires

You can rent my spaces for:

Training, workshops and seminars

Meetings, brunches and lunches

Expositions, art events and musical occasions

Press conferences and interviews

Garden terrace

Services Boutique Apartments

Furniture Design by Ines Pires

Designing furniture is a passion, from the chair to the lamp the table to the object. We will receive client’s friends and family in our spaces, each step we give is unique and a photography of our mind and spirit. Sometimes others know us better than ourselves, this must change. I design your thoughts in furniture and this makes you unique.

Interior Design & Décor by Ines Pires

Turn your professional spaces and house into your image and corporate communication. Design your home, business apartment project or the last touch of your ideas. Design Thinking is the model and maximization of your investment. Align your change with passion

VIP Management, Protocol and Events Design Methodology by Ines Pires

Designing your cross cultural event from A to Z. Exclusive or Nothing! Ambassadors, CEO’s, leaders, VIP, celebrities, ministers, deputies or your high level dinners. Ines Pires is unique in the market because we bring People by Design. Protocol and VIP management is an essential art that makes the difference between good and high level gatherings. Events companies are like mushrooms: they pop up. Setting up the tone of your events standards is our business.

Strategic Design, Business Development and Project Management by Ines Pires

As founder of Innovation in Diplomacy, I am a pure believer that design changes lives. That concepts are based on better techniques adaptable in the global world. Parts of projects are stuck because of lack of cross cultural design and innovative processes in the soft diplomacy side of the processes. Sales, External Communication and Image must be aligned strategically and by design for success and results. It’s easy but you must see it.

Unique Working Method


Needs Assessment of project
Project Plan Design
Details, timeframes and costs proposals
Designing, creating and implementing

Where: Worldwide
Why: Why not? We just have one life
Who: You
Working Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German

Unique places

Ines Pires Boutique Apartments, Events & Design offer flexible events spaces & Designed apartments ideally located in the key E.U area in Brussels. Spaces for Seminars, debates, incentives, product presentation, society receptions, exhibition, business meetings, management gatherings, press conferences, presentations, photo shoots, filming location, corporate lunches, breakfast and dinners, design events, society reception, training and more. Designed Flats for Short and Long term.


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